userAgent for Edge (Spartan) browser

14 June 2015 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

Wondering what’s the userAgent for Edge (Spartan)? Here we go:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows Phone 10.0; Android 4.2.1; NOKIA; Lumia 730 Dual SIM) Apple We[……]

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Chrome and navigator.userAgent on ChromeOS

14 June 2015 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

If you are curious what’s the navigator.userAgent for the Chrome browser on ChromeOS then here we go:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS x86_64 6310.68.0) Appl[……]

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Right to left implementation tricks

19 May 2015 | Category: Browsers, General | Comments (0)


At some point you may want to have bidirectional (RTL) support in your application / web site. That means you want to have a support f[……]

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PhantomJS and source code instead of page

3 February 2015 | Category: Browsers, JavaScript | Comments (0)

Running the code in PhantomJS might bring source code instead of page (the screenshot from that is generated using page.render);


The reason of[……]

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TIP: Loading performance testing, console and cache

11 September 2014 | Category: Browsers, Short tip | Comments (0)

When you start measuring performance of downloading files by the browser then don’t forget to check if you have a turned on your cache. For example, y[……]

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Font size in OS and screenshots

28 May 2014 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

I set my font size in OS to 125% to make them little bit bigger. However, when I started make a screenshots then I realized that the size of the box w[……]

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Generate dynamically iframe and it’s content

2 April 2014 | Category: Browsers, JavaScript | Comments (2)

Let’s say you want to generate dynamically iframe and instead of point to external source:

var iframe = document.createElement('ifr[......]

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Google Chrome and load insecure content

31 March 2014 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

Google Chrome, by default, blocks insecure content on secure pages. It doesn’t allow you to mix HTTPS and HTTP connections. In developer console you’l[……]

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contenteditable and prevent from going to new line using ENTER key

3 February 2014 | Category: Browsers, JavaScript | Comments (0)

Let’s say we have a simple div HTML element with attribute contenteditable. Sometimes we want to observe ENTER key and prevent cursor to go to new lin[……]

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How to override compatibility mode for intranet site when “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” is checked?

31 January 2014 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

Based on some research in internet I found that we can use HTML meta tag:

meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"

to force IE to use h[……]

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