Stop using logical NOT ! and casting using double exclamation mark !! in JavaScript / TypeScript

15 March 2021 | Category: Clean Code | Comments (0)

A word of introduction

Exclamation mark ! is the logical NOT (!) operator (logical complement, negation) that takes truth to falsity and vice versa[……]

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zsh: command not found: wget (MacOS)

2 February 2021 | Category: Tools | Comments (0)

When you try to use wget on MacOS (at least Big Sur) then you may get an error message zsh: command not found: wget. You can resolve it by simply inst[……]

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Generate background CSS rule with SVG as data URI using Sass

28 January 2021 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

Highly likely you’ve heard of data URIs. It’s a way of including a resource inside your CSS. No extra separate HTTP request is then needed. The format[……]

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Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020 in Opera

8 October 2020 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

So, Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020 in Opera. That’s why I’ve seen in Opera version 71.0.3770.228, Mac OS.

I think I h[……]

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Adding Tags in Google Tag Manager and blocking trackers

3 October 2020 | Category: Browsers | Comments (0)

Today’s day quite a lot of users are using different solutions to keep their privacy on a good level. However, that means that when the page is loaded[……]

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3 things you should know when you want to add your changes to the stage using Git

21 April 2018 | Category: General | Comments (0)

You want to add your changes to the stage using Git? Here we go:

  • git add -A. It adds all files to the stages.
  • git add .. It adds new and modifie[……]

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Overestimating some of today’s programming features

21 April 2018 | Category: JavaScript | Comments (0)

I see a some people are fascinated by ES6/TypeScript/React (and the like)/Babel/Webpack features. However, not all the gold that shines. Let me explor[……]

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Quite often ignoring W3C standards in development

2 September 2017 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

My article Web Accessibility: Why W3C Standards Are Often Ignored has just been published. Read more to find out about digital accessibility and few r[……]

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Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group

26 June 2017 | Category: Accessibility, General | Comments (0)

I’ve just joined to the Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group as this matches perfectly to the work I am doing on ASLint. The Automated WCAG Monit[……]

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Why attribute alt is important?

7 June 2017 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

alt attribute is still mostly missing, misused or misunderstood what is for. Let me summarise it why alt attribute is important.

  1. Adding alternat[……]

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