Right to left implementation tricks

19 May 2015 | Category: Browsers, General | Comments (0)


At some point you may want to have bidirectional (RTL) support in your application / web site. That means you want to have a support f[……]

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Fix SSL problem when using Ruby “gem install”

9 February 2015 | Category: General, Tools | Comments (0)

During work with GruntJS task named Saas I got stuck on using gem command (the gem command allows you to interact with RubyGems). The problem was with[……]

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The direction of embedded text and how to verify what’s contains string

22 February 2014 | Category: General | Comments (0)

When you are working on internationalization of HTML inline element then you can use dir attribute or you may use special Unicode characters to achiev[……]

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Modal windows – are they always necessary?

27 November 2013 | Category: Browsers, General | Comments (0)

I do not want to write about “what is modal windows”, but focus on potential problems which may occur when you start using modal windows in some scena[……]

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Simple date picker

20 September 2013 | Category: General, JavaScript | Comments (2)

Basic information’s

I’ve created simple date picker using just JavaScript and CSS. Yes, there is a lot of date pickers, but not like this one 😀 Anyw[……]

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Clearing IE history, cookies and temporary files from command line

2 June 2013 | Category: General | Comments (0)

During my work I had to frequency cleanse the history, cookies and temporary files of Internet Explorer. Doing it manually it’s just annoying. There i[……]

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There is No Right Way to Develop Software

19 April 2013 | Category: General | Comments (0)

I like it:

Being a good developer means compromise. It means sometimes doing things one way for one project, and another way for another. It means[……]

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Apache and error AH00132

16 March 2013 | Category: General | Comments (3)

Let’s say you have a localhost (based for example on Wamp) on your computer where is Windows OS. You may be surprised that sometimes some files you ca[……]

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