Fix SSL problem when using Ruby “gem install”

9 February 2015 | Category: General, Tools | Comments (0)

During work with GruntJS task named Saas I got stuck on using gem command (the gem command allows you to interact with RubyGems). The problem was with[……]

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How do I upgrade npm itself from 1.4.28 version to 2.1.14 on Windows 7?

21 December 2014 | Category: Tools | Comments (0)

After some struggling with upgrading npm itself from version 1.4.8 to 2.1.14 I ended up with following solution:

  • I have installed NodeJS, newest[……]

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Faster way to delete a large folder in Windows

27 April 2014 | Category: Optimizing, Tools | Comments (0)

How to

I wanted to delete a folder that contains thousands of files and folders (I’ve used Windows 2012 Server). If I use Windows Explorer to delet[……]

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Word 2010 and temp folder problem

22 April 2014 | Category: Tools | Comments (0)

I was experimenting with RAM disk and was changed the localization of temp folder. After all I’ve uninstalled not needed anymore software that was res[……]

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VirtualBox: Installation failed! Error: System can not find the path specified.

1 December 2013 | Category: Tools | Comments (5)

I’ve just discovered today that I couldn’t install new version of VirtualBox due to problem with Installation failed! Error: System can not find the p[……]

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CSS: provide a unit for zero lengths

8 July 2013 | Category: Browsers, CSS, Tools | Comments (0)

Zero lengths do not need unit. However, there is some significant benefits of using unit with zero lengths while developing code.

See real unit and[……]

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Apache syntax check (Windows TIP)

26 May 2013 | Category: Tools | Comments (0)

If you want to check Apache configuration file syntax then use simple httpd.exe -t command. Run it from place where your Apache is installed, eg. C:\w[......]

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Thunderbird and change UI language

19 April 2013 | Category: Browsers, Tools | Comments (0)

I wanted to changed my UI language of Thunderbird and looked for some solution. I got it. However, there is a nice extension to Thunderbird named “Qui[……]

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Internet traffic control and monitoring tool

1 April 2013 | Category: Tools | Comments (0)

Sometimes our network connection is too fast for measure eg. “how my website is loaded”. In that case would be good to slow down our download / upload[……]

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List of ActiveX Objects

27 June 2012 | Category: Tools | Comments (0)

Have you ever tried to find out how to list all of ActiveX objects? Well, mee too. Now I found the solution by using small software named ActiveXHelpe[……]

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