Your web page / application loading very slowly? There is several reasons why your data is loading slowly. However, some tricks can be done to make load site faster.

Max connections per hostname

Try to measure amount of connections using Firebug in Firefox console, also in Google Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. There is also nice tool named “HTTP Analyzer” (30 days of trial) which can help you track the network connections. Even, if they are not coming from browsers only.

Every browser can open some several connections per hostname. Usually from 2 (eg. IE7) up to 13 (Firefox 18). See Browserscope page.

Even, if you create for your content separate subdomain then browser may open a lot of connections and in reality this will slow down everything. Sometimes it’s even better to load some content when whole page is already loaded.

Content Delivery Network

Put your content into external Content Delivery Network where your data could be collocated over the world. So, the access then for some regions could be faster for users from the same region.

Combine files into one file

Every single file = 1 request. Try to combine all CSS into one file. Same things for JavaScript files.

Combine into one file and put JavaScript at the bottom of HTML

All JavaScript files should be at the bottom of HTML code. Just before end of body. Why not in the head? Because loading scripts blocking everything until script is not loaded and executed. If possible then add attribute async='async'. Set this Boolean attribute to indicate that the browser should, if possible, execute the script asynchronously. Find out more about script and async attribute on Mozilla Developer Network.

IE, font-face and blocking connections

IE7/8/9 blocks all connection until fonts for font-face is not downloaded. Solution: move fonts to a separate subdomain then IE7/8/9 will open extra separate connections for fonts and will not block all other connections. Which means that your site will be loaded faster.


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