Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group

I’ve just joined to the Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group as this matches perfectly to the work I am doing on ASLint. The Automated WCAG Monitoring community group, founded in 2014, is a W3C community with the focused to develop reliable rules for WCAG testing, both automated and semi-automated. The group goal is to assist developers of test tools to improve the accuracy and completeness of their tools.[……]

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Why attribute alt is important?

alt attribute is still mostly missing, misused or misunderstood what is for. Let me summarise it why alt attribute is important.

  1. Adding alternative description of the image is one of the most important principle of web accessibility. This allow users to understand the image context when using assistive technologies, e.g. screen reader.
  2. alt content is visible while image is loading.
  3. alt content is visible when image is not available.
  4. alt content is visible for text-only browsers.
  5. alt content is important for search en[……]

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Thoughts on digital accessibility automation tests


Awareness of web accessibility is slowly growing, which is good. I remember the time when almost nobody was knowing what accessibility is in the web world. Today’s day it is changes. We think more about accessibility and want to fix the problems. This can be done manually and automatically. Just to be clear – automation tests doesn’t cover all scenarios and probably never will do. However, it helps to catch the issues that sometimes our eyes can’t see.

The software development every day brings changes and because of that it i[……]

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Removing accessibility barriers increasing your income

Let me quote from Click-Away Pound Survey 2016 – Final Report:

Most businesses will be unaware that they are losing income because more than 90% of customers who have difficulty using a site will not contact them. Unless businesses actively develop an understanding of accessibility, many will be unaware that the barriers even exist. Yet it is within the control of website owners to take down the barriers which are actively discouraging disabled and older customers.


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What is the hardest thing about learning to code?

Eric Elliot asked a question in his tweet: What is the hardest thing about learning to code?. Excellent question. Like last time this time I also have collected all interesting answers from that tweet:

  • the terrible culture of judgement and name-calling that you find yourself thrust into
  • learning is fun. The hard part is to stay motivated after learning.
  • gaining the experience need to become a good developer and then naming and cache invalidation…
  • getting past your own problems. “I can’t figure this out” “everyone else is smarter”[……]

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Why I switched to only NodeJS + npm and stopped using Grunt

I can’t imagine building a modern JavaScript application or website without using any kind of build system. Recently I’ve used Grunt in several projects. There is also Gulp, Broccoli and probably many more.

I’ve asked myself if the building process can’t be done in a different way. Why do I need extra layer like Grunt? What would be the benefits of having build system created on your own? Why not just using NodeJS and npm packages? The think is that behind Grunt there are also the same packages as you’d use without Grunt.

The problem


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