Sass and import directives may not be used within control directives or mixins

Currently I am using both Grunt tasks grunt-sass and grunt-contrib-sass to compile sass (strictly scss). The first one is faster than second one, but second one generating source maps that just works. Unfortunately grunt-sass source maps somehow doesn’t work properly and browsers can’t use them.

I got an error message today and I’d like to share simple solution to that. The scss code more or less looks like:

@include example() {
@import 'part1';
@import 'part2';

Above code is compiled fine using grunt-sass, but grunt[......]

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Remove CSS outlines, but keep it for keyboard navigation

I often see outline: 0; or outline: none; in CSS just because we don’t like the ring around actionable elements. Because it’s ugly sometimes and we don’t want to have it in our application / web site. I think this is mostly misunderstanding the mission of that ring. By removing this ring we solving one problem, but in the same time we creating another. I think the trade-off would be removing focus ring for the mouse users only, but not for keyboard navigation.

Let me provide here important cite from W3C about focus ring: Do not use any other[……]

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Using Fiddler to force a web service to support CORS for debugging

There is already nice article about Using Fiddler to force a web service to support CORS for debugging. However, it was written in 2013 and I am going here to little bit update the code for Fiddler v4.5.1.0.

So, you need to add:

public static RulesOption("Force CORS")
var m_ForceCORS: boolean = false;

just at the beginning of class Handlers.

In function static function OnBeforeResponse(oSession: Session) { add:

if (m_ForceCORS && (oSession.oRequest.headers.HTTPMethod == "OPTIONS" || o[......]

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How do I change default editor for git to Notepad++?

At some point I wanted to change default core git editor from Vim to Notepad++. There are couple of solutions how to do that. However, this:

git config --global core.editor "'C:/Program Files (x86)/Notepad++/notepad++.exe' -multiInst -notabbar -nosession -noPlugin"

works for me on Windows 8.1. By writing this short post here I may save your time in researching.[……]

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How to prevent the screen readers to read any information about the image

This post will be super short. So, you want to prevent screen reader from reading any information about image? To achieve that you need to use aria-hidden="true". Example:

<img src="" alt="" aria-hidden="true" role="presentation"/>


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Right to left implementation tricks


At some point you may want to have bidirectional (RTL) support in your application / web site. That means you want to have a support for Arabic, Hebrew and other right-to-left languages. Before everything let me quote from W3C some of the definitions:

  • Bidirectional text – in languages that use right-to-left scripts any embedded text from a left-to-right script and all numbers progress visually left-to-right within the right-to-left visual flow of the text. (Of course, English text on this page could also contain bidirectio[……]

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Fix SSL problem when using Ruby “gem install”

During work with GruntJS task named Saas I got stuck on using gem command (the gem command allows you to interact with RubyGems). The problem was with SSL certificate. So, how to fix SSL problem when using Ruby “gem install”? Replace the ssl gem source with non-ssl as a temporary solution:

gem sources -r
gem sources -a


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