ASLint is now open sourced

11 June 2021 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

I’m happy to say that ASLint is now open sourced. Everyone’s very welcome to contribute to make an automated testing even more better and efficient.[……]

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Quite often ignoring W3C standards in development

2 September 2017 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

My article Web Accessibility: Why W3C Standards Are Often Ignored has just been published. Read more to find out about digital accessibility and few r[……]

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Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group

26 June 2017 | Category: Accessibility, General | Comments (0)

I’ve just joined to the Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group as this matches perfectly to the work I am doing on ASLint. The Automated WCAG Monit[……]

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Why attribute alt is important?

7 June 2017 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

alt attribute is still mostly missing, misused or misunderstood what is for. Let me summarise it why alt attribute is important.

  1. Adding alternat[……]

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Thoughts on digital accessibility automation tests

18 May 2017 | Category: Accessibility, Tools | Comments (0)


Awareness of web accessibility is slowly growing, which is good. I remember the time when almost nobody was knowing what accessibility[……]

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Motto for today

22 February 2017 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

For people without disabilities, technology makes things convenient. For people with disabilities, it makes things possible.

Judith Heumann, U.S. Dep[……]

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Removing accessibility barriers increasing your income

14 January 2017 | Category: Accessibility, General | Comments (0)

Let me quote from Click-Away Pound Survey 2016 – Final Report:

Most businesses will be unaware that they are losing income because more than 90% of[……]

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ASLint – Accessibility and SEO linting tool – just released

20 September 2016 | Category: Accessibility, Tools | Comments (0)

I am proud to announce that I’ve just released ASLint – Accessiblity and SEO linting tool. Feedback is very welcome.[……]

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Remove CSS outlines, but keep it for keyboard navigation

14 June 2015 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

I often see outline: 0; or outline: none; in CSS just because we don’t like the ring around actionable elements. Because it’s ugly sometimes and we do[……]

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How to prevent the screen readers to read any information about the image

22 May 2015 | Category: Accessibility | Comments (0)

This post will be super short. So, you want to prevent screen reader from reading any information about image? To achieve that you need to use aria-hi[......]

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