Refused to load the script

18 April 2023 | Category: Browsers, General, JavaScript | Comments (0)

Sometimes you may see some Content Security Policy reports in the console, but don’t know where they coming from. Here are the examples:

Refused to l[......]

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Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined

9 August 2022 | Category: JavaScript | Comments (0)

The error Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined may happen when the code tries to get access to the process object that provides information[……]

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Error: Package subpath ‘./package.json’ is not defined by “exports”

21 October 2021 | Category: JavaScript | Comments (0)

Got Error: Package subpath './package.json' is not defined by "exports" issue? You may take following steps (one of them):

  1. Ask npm package author[……]

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Overestimating some of today’s programming features

21 April 2018 | Category: JavaScript | Comments (0)

I see a some people are fascinated by ES6/TypeScript/React (and the like)/Babel/Webpack features. However, not all the gold that shines. Let me explor[……]

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Why I switched to only NodeJS + npm and stopped using Grunt

10 December 2015 | Category: JavaScript, Tools | Comments (13)

I can’t imagine building a modern JavaScript application or website without using any kind of build system. Recently I’ve used Grunt in several projec[……]

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What You Should Know When Interviewing For A JavaScript Job With Eric Elliott

7 December 2015 | Category: General, JavaScript | Comments (0)

Really worth it to listen, especially for those people who’s interviewing other people for JavaScript developer position.[……]

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setup-defender.ps1 is not digitally signed while using ember-cli-windows-addon

28 June 2015 | Category: JavaScript, Tools | Comments (0)

So, I started playing with EmberJS framework. However, build times on Windows are longer than on Linux or Mac OS X. Much of that penalty is not becaus[……]

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PhantomJS and source code instead of page

3 February 2015 | Category: Browsers, JavaScript | Comments (0)

Running the code in PhantomJS might bring source code instead of page (the screenshot from that is generated using page.render);


The reason of[……]

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PhantomJS, resources and relative path

28 January 2015 | Category: JavaScript | Comments (2)

PhantomJS (at least version 1.9.8) is not loading resources when you want to use relative path. However, after some research and experimenting here wh[……]

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How do I valid my code on Windows before I commit to Git repository?

5 October 2014 | Category: JavaScript | Comments (0)


Like many other version control systems, Git has a way to execute custom scripts when certain important actions occur. One of the good[……]

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