About me

I’m a fan of web technologies. Passionate about management, mentoring, accessibility, web standards, coding, UX, design, performance, and code quality. Usually and mostly I use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript*, TypeScript and other technologies.

If you or your organization need help with accessibility or SEO consulting, strategy, or accessible web development, feel free to contact me at:

Accessibility Award

* There are several different implementations of ECMAScript. JavaScript is one of them. Also, JavaScript is a trademark of Oracle and the name of the language that is interpreted by Java SE 8 by Oracle, it is also the name of the language that is interpreted by Firefox, where it is used with permission from Oracle. Also, see Foreword by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript.

Working on or familiar with:

  • MedicSpec – it’s all about sharing health remedies among users.
  • SiteLint – the app that helps to determine issues for Accessibility, SEO, Performance, Security, Privacy, and Technical issues. All with a unique approach to working on the client side avoiding crawling.
  • BuzztechUmbraco CMS experts.