Faster way to delete a large folder in Windows

27 April 2014 | Category: Optimizing, Tools | Comments (0)

How to

I wanted to delete a folder that contains thousands of files and folders (I’ve used Windows 2012 Server). If I use Windows Explorer to delet[……]

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Simple technique to preload images at specified moment

20 August 2013 | Category: Browsers, Optimizing | Comments (2)

There are many ways to preload images, including methods that rely on CSS, JavaScript, and various combinations thereof. Here I would like to present[……]

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JS tip: always use full reference

17 August 2013 | Category: Browsers, JavaScript, Optimizing | Comments (0)

Let’s say we have an example of code like this:


    function close_window() {
        if (typeof self.close === 'function') {[......]

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Expires header for fonts do not working

2 July 2013 | Category: Browsers, Optimizing, Server Side | Comments (0)

If you specify Expires header with future date then you may expect that specified fonts (I use woff, ttf, otf and eot) will be cached in browser local[……]

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Get HTML img element reference by document.getElementById vs document.images

30 June 2013 | Category: JavaScript, Optimizing | Comments (0)

document.images returns a collection of the images in the current HTML document. Well, I assumed that it could be faster to get image reference by usi[……]

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To cache or not to cache “length” property

26 June 2013 | Category: Browsers, Optimizing | Comments (0)

I asked Thomas Lahn on comp.lang.javascript newsgroup about caching “length” property:

According to discussion here[……]

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Don’t forget about “Expires” header

20 April 2013 | Category: Browsers, Optimizing | Comments (0)

Why use Expires header?

Expires header tell the browser whether a resource needs to be requested from the source (server), or if it can be fetched[……]

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Loading optimization tips

12 February 2013 | Category: Browsers, Optimizing | Comments (0)

Your web page / application loading very slowly? There is several reasons why your data is loading slowly. However, some tricks can be done to make lo[……]

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